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SPLASHBACK 6 artists / 12 months
Vernissage: 26.09.2009 19.00-22.00 Exhibition then open daily 28.09.09 – 02.10.09 17.00-19.00

This is the first group show of Clarke Gallery and celebrates nearly 12 months of exhibitions in the space. Since it began, the gallery has been my bi-monthly houseguest, taking up space in various guises and positions within my home. Beginning with the one night show of Christian Sievers’ Freundschaft in der Feuerwehr last October the gallery has since shown, in order of appearance, Elly Clarke, Victoria Lucas, Alexander Heaton, Natasha Wheat and Liz Fletcher.
While no theme was set or expected for this exhibition it has been interesting for me to see links that bind them anyway. Works span the mediums of injket prints, photography, video, artist books, painting, a participatory project, sound art and sculpture. Reoccurring themes include death, the body, touch, inside/outside, the archive, the passing and marking of time, the monumental/sublime, the small and insignificant made big, digital/analogue. The practice of recontextualisation of (found) objects, images or sound as a means to bestow new meaning upon them is also employed by most of the artists in some way.
Christian Sievers uses flickr to source images taken by people he will never meet and has a business suit tailor-made out of the high-visibility material normally reserved for low-paid construction workers and photographs it being worn in various scenarios. Victoria Lucas places the moth into the light-bulb to which it was attracted. Alexander Heaton takes the light away from mountain landscapes. Black on black, it’s the ghostlike two-dimensional silhouette that appears when it gets dark. Natasha Wheat sends out seeds that are native to the USA to countries they are not normally found while my video of stopped traffic in a jam on the A23 travelling from Berlin-Heide is a question of what happens when you are forced to be still in a site usually reserved exclusively for high speed travel. Finally Liz Fletcher edits the sound that people make the few seconds before they laugh and presents silver coated chewed chewing gum as self portraiture.
Feel free to spend time here with this work and please do sit on my Granny’s sofa. Reading material from all previous shows may be found on the desk in the sitting room.
Six shows and 12 months on I sometimes worry that I may be kicked out of my apartment. But in this economic climate, I do not want to branch out much further. Plus I enjoy the intimacy of living with the work I’m showing, for a few days. By presenting quality work at reasonable prices, I am also interested in finding a way to bridge gap between the cash-less- ness of artists and the prices their work is expected to command.
Special thanks to Jessica Brouder, Kathleen Herold, Christian Sievers, Elsa Throp, Sophia New, all residents of Friedelstrasse 52 and to everyone for coming and supporting the gallery over the past 12 months. To be kept up with future events, please sign up to the mailing list via the website.
Text by Elly Clarke