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Opening Private View - Friday 11th March 6pm untill 9pm / First thursdays evening open - thursday 7th April 6pm untill 9pm.

HOURS: Wed. - Sat. 11am-6pmSun. 12pm-5pm
(during exhibition dates)

NEW LOCATION:229 Victoria Park Road
London UKE9 7HD

The show concludes on the 10th April.

Alexander Heaton is amongst other things an Alpinist, fell wander, ski- mountaineer, Teutonic dreamer, model maker and painter and printmaker.

For his upcomming 2011 show entitled Trebuchet at the Residence Gallery, London. Alex will be exhibiting a selection of his new works. In a specifically created environment which will resonate with the spirit of magical realism. 

Alex’s work is concerned with the idea of the wanderer and in his paintings and prints he brings up to date the traditions of the romantic Scandinavian and German painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. However his work is not only stuck in such an epoch. The work has element of the volkisch. Characters and creatures from pagan folklore often populate his landscapes. At once both mocking the painstaking detail of his work and revelling in their own fictitious existence on the picture plane. The work is characterised by a keen interest in depicting the sublime phenomena perceivable to the senses, whilst teetering on the edge of a more satanic abyss. Hinting the more sinister elements within the work should one go forth down the wrong wooded tract in his paintings challenge the viewer to confront hard truths.

Alex holds a distinct reverence to the development of alpinism that happened in the 20th century. Yet such lofty idealism is brought down to earth by the work reminding us of the tragedy that begot much of the early Alpine climbers that were caught up as mountaineering and drill moved closer and into the vicinity of preparation for war. The sanctuary of the mountain homeland was transformed into a Valhalla like training ground for thousands of young men. The work seeks to hold vigil for the souls of the fallen pagan hill men. Winged wolfs howl out through the sacred runes the call of the wilds, and remind us that we may all be living in the age of Ragnarok after the death of the gods the only morality left is the cruel winds of wilderness that scour the spirits away to the hills.

Alex stands outside of the artistic trends of his time. He eyes the peaks with a different intent. He sees them as a climber. Catapulting himself out of his London studio into the domain of the Alps and metaphorically laying siege to the wilderness through the calm and picturesque ordering of painting.

Alex graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2005. He work’s and exhibits frequently in the UK and internationally, haven recently taken part in the critically acclaimed exhibitions, Wunderkammer at the Franklin Furnace New York, and The Future Can Wait, curated by Ellis Rumley Projects of Charlie Smith Gallery London. (The only official of site project show of the Frieze Art Fair 2010) His last solo show was entitled Abyssal Wolpertinger in 2010 at Medcalf Gallery, London.

"The wonderful and unforgetble gallerist INGRID Z is back in action ... this should be a very fun and lively night- i shall be here"(RM) "This gallery could be described as the guggenheim gallery of London's east end: andre breton style surrealism meets hollywood glamour meets 21C futurism and street art chique - this is the place to be seen-(...)-this could be the new Gertrude Stein / AndyWarhol/Sid James art salon and a dynamo for the cutting edge" Richard Martin, Artpops (RIP 1954-2010)