Project Thin Air

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An artist lead project to explore the limits of creativity at high altitude on a 7000m himalayan Peak called Baruntse. This october I am planning to be part of an expedition to climb Baruntse in Nepal. As you may know my artwork is heavily influenced by my experiences in the mountains. Baruntse - 7162m (23,497 ft) is a peak in the Khumbu region and will hopefully be the highest I have yet climbed to date on any mountain.

I will be making a series of art works in response to my environment at a pre-given set of spot hights. These pieces will then be developed into a series of larger scale works upon my decent from the mountain. The rights to these images and artworks are being offered for sale prior to my departure. In this way it offers something unique to you my collectors, in that you can choose the visual destination of the painting/artwork. And be part of a historic project that has never been done before. Upon my return the art works made in response to this expedition will be dispalyed in an exhibition and press launch.

The Aim of this project is not to fund this expedition. The full costs of the expedition have already been funded privately. All funds generated as a result of Project Thin Air will be used to cover the costs incurred to make the subsequent artwork and any exhibition fees.

Risks and challenges-

Risks involved include the inherent mountaineering risks of climbing on glaciers at such altitudes. However these risks are measured and calculated. This is project has no suicidal desire for death. Im currently training hard to get my body in the top physical state it needs to be to realise this project. Just existing on the mountain is going to be hard enough let alone finding things to make art with and being inspired to document the surrounding world is going to be a hugely rewarding challenge.

I have previously taken part on many mountaineering guided courses and received instruction on alpinism techniques by internationally qualified guides. In addition to this I have 10 years of experience of alpine climbing over 4000m and multiple solo ascents to my name.

Watch this space for more upcoming details on the project. To apply to be a backer and buy the rights to the artworks please contact- alexanderjheaton@hotmail.com