pluto peak and Mt Aspiring in the Southern alps of New Zealand. Huge Glaciers and snow field, Summit, oil painting, art

Mount Aspiring/Tititea is New Zealand's highest mountain outside the Aoraki/Mount Cook region.

a Wolpertinger or Skvader or Rasselbock

The rattle Bock or Raspelbock is a mythical creature whose image is often in Klausen hunter encounters and similar facilities. It is a stuffed rodent head where the antlers of a buck are placed. 

pamir vistas in the tian shan of kyrgz Republic. rime ice snow over endless vast ridges and peaks

Peak Chapayev represents the highest point on earth on which I have yet stood at 6300m. About as high as you can go without seriously needing bottled oxygen. The View is looking south to the Pamir Vistas in the Tian Shan (Celestial Mountains) of kyrgz Republic.

the matterhorn seen from the italian side Cervina and large glaciers and snowfields

The Matterhorn imagined as seen from the south eastern italian side.

Yggdrasil, Tree, Gold leaf, Tortoise Shell, Ash, Tamo, Wallnut, Paintings, Alexander Heaton

Different elements are combined in this fractal symbol of Yggdrasil. The painting was made using a combination of faux decorative effects to create an illustionary wooden marketry surface. Tortois shell, tamo ash, pitched pine, walnut and rose wood all form the varous elements of the piece and refer back to the natural materiality of the mystical sacred ash tree that is Yaggdrasil.

Crystal Mountain, Gold, Snow Leopard, snake, Marble, wood graining

Painting made in response to the novel, The Snow Leopard by Peter Mattiessen. The work is an illustration from the following excert-

leopard, Painting, Gold Leaf, Camouflage

A sketch painting exploring the use of camouflage and patterns in nature for concealment 

Liskamm, Castor, Pollux, The Heavenly Twins, Zermatt, Alps, Glacier, Snow, Mountain, oil painting, Switzerland, Crevasse,

The peaks of Monte Rosa, Liskamm and Castor as seen from the summit of Pollux. The mountains in this picture represent some of the highest glaciated terrain in Switzerland and straddle the frontier between Italy. They are capped with a covering of snow all year round and can be skiied in the summer months.

Leni Riefenstahl, SOS Iceberg, Alps, Berchtesgaden, Hoch Kalter, Bavaria, Snow, Germany, Climbing, Alpinism, Summit, Painting, Oil painting, Sublime, Europe, Mountaineering, Art, Mountains of Destiny (Safe Return)

A ghostly image of a woman stares out from the Bavarian mountainscape of the summit of Hoch Kalter, (High Cold mountain). 

Morning haze over Lake Königssee and St Bartholomä monastery

Morning haze over a lake in Berchtesgadnerland, Germany. This deep fjord like lake was carved out by glaciers in the last ice age. It was one of the most painted alpine lakes of the late romantic era and a personal favourite place of the artist himself. This place is the closest one can get to heaven on this earth in the artists own opinion. 

Richard Wagner with a fennec fox on his head

A Wolpertinger sat on top of Richard Wagner's head. The wolpertinger is the magical animal of toutonic folklore, fitting then that he should sit atop the old wizard composers head at once both loving and mocking. An odd couple but perhaps fitting given the serous depth and weight of wagners musical work that he should have a mongrel on his head. Both creatures were a new breed of dreamers and revolutionaries in there own times.

Ride of the Valkyries painting by Alexander Heaton

Illustration from the Norse Ring Cycle Saga. Valkyrie's literaly means choosers of the slain. They are warrior godesses who ride flying horses over the battlefield and take the dead warroirs of to the afterlife in Valhalla. Brunehild was the most famous Valkyrie and the wife of Siegfried in the Gotterdamerung legends.

ravens on mountaintop painting

Ravens circling a mountain top in mythology symbolise a sleeping king within the mountain waiting to rise when a country is in peril. 

Nebel Dom

The silhouette of Schinkel's famous gothic cathedral rises out of the clouds of an upside down misty landscape in the Carinthian alps. Light emanates out of darkness amidst stormy cloud’s, which are on the cusp of clearing. Divinity is manifest in the landscape itself. 

Berg After the wreck of hope, Romanticism, painting 19th century, Winter, polar

The Sea of Ice from Freidrich’s famous painting the Wreck of Hope has been mirrored and reflected by its own skyline, leaving only thin air to stand on. The work is a homage to the original painting made to the exact same dimensions. 

The Tannhäuser Gate, Painting, Oil on Linen, Alps, Corona, Space, Sun, Solar

The Tannhauser Gate is partly a painted vignette of the famous painting Felsentor by Schinkel. The work is also an illustration to the first part of the story of Thus Spoke Tharathustra, and evokes the Niezschien idea of man waking up in a high cave in the mountains to sunrise and the realisation that he can be a super being incontrol of his own destiny. 

A ghostly face of Leni Riefenstahl emerges out of the landscape of the Konigsee in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Leni Riefenstahl, Bavaria, Konigsee, Alps, Berchtesgaden, Oil Painting, Germany, Landscape, Black and white, Runes, Art, trees

A ghostly face of Leni Riefenstahl emerges out of the landscape of the Konigsee in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Leni Riefenstahl was one of the first directors of mountain films in the 1930's. 

The Spear of Destiny (Dogs of War)

This was the centrepiece painting from the solo show the Secret of the runes at the Residence Gallery and Pulse Miami art fair in 2011. 

Snow flake, oil painting, art, winter, alps, snow, clouds, sunshine, prism

Flake is a fractal representation of a snow flake. The painting is about looking out from the summits of mountains and the contemplation of what is beyond, meaning or the the lack of meaning and order. 


Dolmens are ancient burial grounds marked by three huge stones they are found spread throughout the nordic countries. Dolmens were famously painted in many romantic era paintings and serve as a metaphore to lost civilasations of the north. 

Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns is an imagining of a first exploration by an ancient tribe at the retreat of the glaciers and the dawn of man. 

The Secret of the Runes, Dawn on the Summit Slopes

The Secret of the Runes or Sunrise From the Summit of Mont Blanc is a response to the artist's own experience of climbing the mountain in 2010. 

Bavaria, Germany, Painting , art. An alpine peak glows pink above the medevil city of Rothenberg with a towering Germanic fortress in the centre.

A Jigsaw arrangement of disperate parts of medieval cities and fortresses arranged in a hyperreal like dream scene. 

Snow covered rhone valley in the alps seen from Leysin in switzerland

Another of artist Alex Heaton's impressive landscapes, The Rhône Valley was a response to a ski mountaineering tour the artist made of the region in 2009. As with all of Alex's painting, the subtlety of his technique leaves the viewer to marvel at the beauty and power of the natural setting.

The Matterhorn seen at sunrise from the summit of the Dent blanche in switzerland. Pink Alpen Glow illuminates the upper slopes and the valleys are full of blue haze

This work was carried out after a residency ski touring the high alps of the Vallais from Chamonix to the Simplon Pass.

lazer beams Clash in the battle of hoth from star wars

This painting depicts a scenic matte backdrop painting from the 1980 movie The Empire Strikes back. 

A vast sublime expanse of snowfields and rocky mountains

A hybrid landscape of the peaks around the infamous alpine ski resort St Moritz and Silvaplana in the Oberengadine of southern Switzerland.

a winter snow scene in the alps near leysin with a high peak in cool blue tones

This painting was made in response to a ski Mountaineering tour the artist made of this peak and its surrounding area with the International School of Mountaineering. 

a sceane from the hoth battle of Star Wars in the arctic turrets burn in a frozen wilderness. Hardangerjøkulen

Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in mainland Norway, and is located in Eidfjord and Ulvik municipalities. It was also used in 1979 as the location for the ice planet Hoth in the star wars movies. 

snow ridges rocky crests and wind blown clouds in the Bernina Alps of switzerland

A comissioned painting for a private collector. The mountain in the painting is Piz Bernina in the Oberengadine of switzerland.