Advancement of the Soul

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Peak Chapayev represents the highest point on earth on which I have yet stood at 6300m. About as high as you can go without seriously needing bottled oxygen. The View is looking south to the Pamir Vistas in the Tian Shan (Celestial Mountains) of kyrgz Republic.

This was the pinnacle of my climbing ability, to get their put me near death, suffering frost nip on my hands and knee's, near misses from avalanche and altitude sickness. Which seems like your head is exploding in your cranium and you feel like you are permantly drunk and not fully aware. Which brings intense fear because if your concentration lapses on an exposed rock pitch you’ve had it. Huge physical and mental fatigue, then sudden illation upon reaching the summit which brought me to tears and in my case fostered an intense spiritual belonging to such places of magnificence, which by simply being their seems to defy logic. And strangely prove the existence of a reservoir of will within us all to overcome huge odds. Perhaps this feeling I was able to tap into, for many people is the same thing that brings them closer to a spiritual divinity or a higher soul.

The piece is an attempt to reason visually the conceptual rational of simply being their. For example, putting oneself at great discomfort in order to attain some kind of truth. Upon this spot I felt simultaneously one of the most humbling moments in my life and one of the strongest. The work asks questions like; by getting closer to God, are we contributing to his demise? Or, has god always existed through our actions not above us in the heavens, but in the here and now? Can we make him become real in us all?


The piece is trying to tell people why I climb and fails, magnificently like a zeppelin burning in its last throws of glory being pulled back to earth from where it was made.