Crystal Mountain

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Painting made in response to the novel, The Snow Leopard by Peter Mattiessen. The work is an illustration from the following excert-

"A thousand years ago, the old script says, a great yogin named Drutob Senge Yeshe arrived here on a flying snow leopard to convert to buddhism a wild folk ruled by a dead mountain god. Aided by snake beings the mountain god resisted this conversion, but the snow leopard reproduced himself one hundred and eight times, and the mountain god was overcome. Drutob Senge Yeshe made the mountain god a protector of the dharma and transformed and indistingished summit into this crystal mountain that is sacred all throughout all of Dolpo and beyond."

The Snow Leopard won the 1979 National Book Award in the category Contemporary Thought and the 1980 National Book Award for Nonfiction (paperback). It has garnered more critical acclaim since then. It has been included in several lists of best travel books including World Hum's ten most celebrated books, Washington Post Book World's Travel Books That Will Take You Far, and National Geographic Traveler's Around the World in 80+ Books.