Dawn at the Rock Forest of Meteroa

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The painting came about after a visit to the region of meteroa in nothern greece. Meteora is a natural formation of rock pinnacles. Many of these rock pillars have monasteries on the top of them. The place has been a spiritual retreat and haven for centuries where monks have sought solitude and refuge from the world in order to preserve high spirtual knowledge. Upon visiting the place it was impossible to not be moved by the immensity of natural flowing energy the place emits. This painting is my attempt to record all this landscape of monolithic rocks and fins some way to render in painting there spectacular monumentality. The rocks themselves are formed as conglomerates of many other smaller different types of rocks. In this collection of difference of forms I have sought to depict the perfection that is the truth of the place.

The Metéora (Greek: Μετέωρα, pronounced [mɛˈtɛoɾɐ], literally "middle of the sky", "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above" — etymologically related to meteorology) - is a formation of immense monolithic pillars and hills like huge rounded boulders which dominate the local area.

It is also associated with one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second in importance only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on natural conglomerate pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece.