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Flake is a fractal representation of a snow flake. The painting is about looking out from the summits of mountains and the contemplation of what is beyond, meaning or the the lack of meaning and order. 

At this point Alex was on the Untersberg mountain. The mountain is renowned world wide for its system of ice caverns. And local folklore holds it as the resting place of King Barbarossa and his army who one day will return to save the Holy Roman Empire. In being on a place so steeped in legend their is an expectation for something to happen or a revelation in the rockface. Nothing happend, and thats the sad joy of the painting their is only the natural elements at work: snow, light, water vapour, clouds and peaks. However even in this stripped down simplicity their is a truthful beauty and harmony. A simple snowflake falls out of the sky, an ordinary every day occurrence that is at once extraordinary.

The act of searching for meaning in a landscape seems to render the place meaningless by the very act of analysis. One is left with only what is thier, natural, phisical phenomenon, like snow, clouds, and ice particle's which refract light in a mathematicaly predetermined way. Perhaps this system of natural patterns is all the meaning one can hope for in the picture plane. The painting is meaningless but meaning is not lost.