Ravine (After The Chalk Cliffs At Ruggen and Rocky Ravine by Caspar David Friedrich)

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All profits from the sale of this painting will be donated to the British Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief fund.

The painting features fractured mountainous landscapes rearranged, broken but put back together and beautiful in a new way. Thus, it is fitting that this painting be sold to raise funds to help the people of Nepal put there lives back together as best they can. I hope this painting will inspire the idea of regeneration, hope and reconstruction within the idea of a deconstructed landscape.

Please bid generously on this beautiful painting and be happy in the knowledge that your payment for this artwork will have benefited those greatly in need. 

A massive earthquake has devastated Nepal.
Thousands are feared dead, and many more are injured or have been made homeless.
Buildings have been flattened, communities shattered and lives torn apart. Dozens of aftershocks continue to hit the area, and people are sleeping in the open air from fear of further destruction.
Nepal Red Cross volunteers are searching for survivors, providing first aid to the wounded and running blood banks. Donate now to save lives.
The British Red Cross is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 13 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis.

Ravine features portions of landscapes from two romantic paintings, The Chalk Cliffs at Ruggen, and Rocky Ravine. The lower portion depicts an aerial photographic view of the surface of a glacier with crevasses. Skylines from existing works serve to create a new foreboding vignette of heightened emotion. The feelings of giddiness one sometimes feels whilst looking down at precipices were the inspiration for the painting.