Sky Burial

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Sky Burial depicts ceremonies that are shared by the old Anglo-Scandinavian pagan religion of the north, the eastern Buddhist and Bon Faiths and also the Christian faith. Sacrificial offerings, be they your own body in the Tibetan sky burial, the body of Christ for salvation or ceremonial weapons cast into the misty lakes and forests. The painting depicts a portal to another world and samples a vignette of the painting the Goethe Monument by Carl Gustav Carus. This piece can be seen as a response to longing for nature and the mediative spirituality within it. The portal its self is based on the Gol Stave Church in Norway. This church and its architecture marks the point in history where there is an assimilation of the old pagan belief system with the new Christian faith. The work seeks to reconcile differences in religious cultures attempts to point the out overlapping similarities.