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This work is a response to the sub culture of fetish and sadomasochism. A Tannin which is a biblical devil with a human form. This figure could be an alter ego, disguise or fantasy. The work was inspired by costumes and collages of images from magazines. The viewer is invited to take a fascinated look at the slick surfaces that the glossy and matt paint evoke and suggest.

Tannin appears in the Baal Cycle as one of the servants of Yammu defeated by Baʿal or bound by his sister. He is usually depicted as serpentine, possibly with a double tail. The derives from the root meaning "howling" or from coiling in a manner like smoke. The tanninim (תַּנִּינִים) also appear in the Hebrew Scriptures' books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Job, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. They are explicitly listed among the creatures created by the Elohim on the fifth day of the Genesis creation narrative, translated in the King James Version as "great whales". The tannin is listed in the Apocalypse of Isaiah as among the sea beasts to be slain by Yahweh at the End of Days, translated in the King James Version as the dragon. In Jewish mythology, Tannin is sometimes conflated with the related sea monsters Leviathan and Rahab.