The Spear of Destiny (Dogs of War)

{image_alt} 122cm by 92cm Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen

This was the centrepiece painting from the solo show the Secret of the runes at the Residence Gallery and Pulse Miami art fair in 2011. 

The back ground of the painting borrows from the work of the American sublime master painter, Frederic Edwin Church. In the centre of the painting floating and in revery of magical animals is the gilded Spear of Destiny, allegedly the lance that was used to spear christ on the cross. Surrounding this are the gilded Armanen Furthark runes. Guido Von List’s book, Das Geheimnis der Runen ('The Secret of the Runes’). This is a book by Austrian mystic Guido von List, in which he presents his "Armanen Futharkh". It appeared as a standalone publication in 1908. A Pickelhaub helmet from the Kaiser era of Prussia rests on top of the the spear suggesting the sacrifical killing of a German soldier.