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Edition 0f 21 Signed by the artist 50cm by 70cm (B2 sized) Silk Screen Print. Printed on Fabriano 4 archival Paper.

The font in the poster was designed by the artist to be based on norwegian spruce trees and mystical Norse Runes. It reads Thor, Thor was the norse god of lightning and war. The print is made up of 4 colours in a hand pulled fade effect.

The print is a homage to the 1872 painting of Thor by Mårten Eskil Winge in a battle against the giants.

In Norse mythology, one of the most well known figures is Thor—typically represented with flowing red hair, wielding his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Thor means “thunder,” though as a god he is more than a lord of storms—he is also a protector from evil, and the god of farmers and agriculture, as well as of free men. And today we have his name with us once a week: “Thursday” comes from “Thor’s day.”

Thor is the son of Odin, the highest god in Norse mythology, and Fyorgyn, the goddess of earth, and is legendary for his strength. Odin is a god of battle, the father of the slain, and was worshipped by Vikings and warriors. Thor is simple to Odin’s complex nature—Thor is honest and straightforward, righteous, but with a furious temper. Many of those fleeing the battle-ridden lands of the Vikings escaped to Iceland, and worshipped Thor, preferring his attributes to the apparent blood thirst of Odin and his followers.

In Norse cosmology, the two major forces in the world are the gods, on the side of the good, and the frost giants, representing evil.